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Balanced Green Raw Organic Nutritional Health Products are for all ages and all health goals. They provide vibrant health, energy, prevention and are a natural prescription for health!


Balanced Green Power Twins
Balanced Green Power Twins
60 day jar and 96 day supply – Save $10.00 when combined

The Balanced Green Power Twins are a unique combination. Balanced Green Energy Food is a highly absorbent rich nutrient dense powdered superfood blend of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, phytonutrients and amino acids, balancing your entire chemistry (blood, cells and organs).  Fulvic Acid Minerals deliver substantial amounts of nutrients and minerals and their living energies into living cells, oxygenating the blood.  It is called nature’s most powerful organic electrolyte, antioxidant, and one of nature’s most aggressive free radical scavengers; also providing naturally occurring 72 trace minerals, electrolytes and amino acids. The two are both powerhouses on their own. When combined together, Fulvic is a catalyst which will drive all nutrients to a deeper cellular level, accelerating health and healing. FULVIC IS NOW WIDELY ACCEPTED AS THE MISSING NUTRITIONAL LINK IN HUMAN HEALTH. Read detailed description below.

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Supreme Protein with Greens- 38 day supply  Unflavored
Supreme Protein with Greens- 38 day supply Unflavored

Our Supreme Protein Shake with Greens is formulated with highly absorbent and easily digestible sprouted brown Rice/Pea protein with Hemp, Flax, Chia and 50% of the daily serving of the original formula of Balanced Green Energy Food (11 superfoods) in every scoop and probiotics. IT IS AS NUTRITIOUS AS A HEALTHY MEAL, SATISFIES HUNGER, FIGHTS SUGAR CRAVINGS AND HELPS MANAGE WEIGHT. It is loaded in vitamins, minerals, amino acids, antioxidants and phytonutrients that naturally occur from the large amount of our superfoods, its like you juiced all morning and add a scoop of protein. You receive 15 grams of plant protein, probiotics, naturally occurring omega 3,6,9 per serving. Balanced Green Energy Food was formulated by a naturopathic doctor with over 20 years of success, and sold separately as a powerful superfood green drink. Our greens will help with absorption and processing proteins. We believe this blend is the best performing protein supplement, omegas and greens that you can buy. Our formula is the ideal blend for vegetarians, vegans and those with sensitivities to soy, whey, dairy, gluten or other allergens. It is also great for athletes of all ages who want more protein, but also a full spectrum of nutrients for their workouts. Read detailed description below.

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Plant Powered Protein – 27 Servings Vanilla
Plant Powered Protein – 27 Servings Vanilla

Our high quality unique rice / pea protein blend is formulated with highly absorbent and easy to digest plant proteins to give maximum results. You will get 2O GRAMS of protein for every 26 grams per serving. Our Plant Powered Protein is a high performance complete protein / amino acid profile with branched chain amino acid acids for energy, strength and performance. This formula is ideal for athletes, vegans, vegetarians and those with sensitivities to soy, whey, gluten or other allergens. Uses for our protein include: more energy, sport nutrition, muscle building or muscle maintenance, pre or post workouts, weight management or anyone needed more protein.

Here are a couple concerns with soy and whey proteins. Whey protein is a dairy product and comes from milk. Unless you get organic, expect the whey protein to contain hormones and antibiotics. These drugs are coming from the feed or shots the cow is getting, most often to get it to produce more milk. Soy protein is likely a gmo product, often difficult to digest and may pose allergy risks. Our Rice / Pea combination is a great alternative to soy and without the animal products of whey. Balanced Green’s Rice and Pea combination is the ideal blend for maximum results. It mixes easily, is utilized and absorbed into the body for greater impact. Read detailed description below.

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Welcome from Hope Renewed Balanced Green Owners
richard at track
Richard Clough, co-owner of Balanced Green Products, in his late 50’s enjoying vibrant health and energy.

Balanced Green Raw Organic Nutritional Health Products and Energy Food

Balanced Green Energy Food is a highly concentrated raw organic whole food powder. Balanced Green happily boasts over 20 years of success and satisfaction in a naturopathic doctor’s office. Hope Renewed/Balanced Green Products (Richard and Leah Clough) brought Balanced Green Energy Food to the marketplace in 2013.

Our blend focuses on eleven of the most nutrient dense super-foods. There are no fillers, ensuring dense concentrated amounts, providing the most impact to health. It contains a full spectrum of naturally occurring vitamins, minerals, amino acids, antioxidants and thousands of phytonutrients designed to give vibrant health. It truly is the Affordable Health Care Act.

This raw organic product was formulated by a naturopathic doctor 20 years ago. Each ingredient chosen was based on years of research and knowledge. Balanced Green Energy Food has been tested and perfected on their patients with tremendous results. This super-food drink was designed to help balance your body’s chemistry: blood, cell life and organs. It also mineralizes and alkalizes the body, as well as gently detoxes the body daily. Balanced Green targets chronic health issues, provides prevention and gives vibrant energy and long term health. This super-food blend is truly a Natural Prescription for Health! Our organic blend is loaded in highly absorbent vitamins, minerals and amino acids found naturally in fruits, vegetables and raw whole super-foods great for the entire family.

“Our bodies uptake minerals from plants with a deep root system such as Alfalfa Grass, Wheat Grass, Herbs and Grains. I recommend these greens in my patient’s diet to build a mineral reserve, which builds health and vitality.”  — Dr. Cindy Schmillen – Formulator of Balanced Green Energy Food.

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